January 2019 meeting report

The first meeting of 2019 had approximately ten members in attendance. The conversation was lively and included the following topics:

-Moving the repeater to its new home. This would be within the same building but a different room in hope to mitigate of interference.

-Adding Fusion functionality to the repeater infrastructure. This would include Internet connectivity.

-A firmware upgrade that would be required to add Fusion functionality to the repeater, what it would encompass and the plausibility thereof. Research required and this will be followed up in February meeting.

-Treasury report

-WCARL web site changes

-We have Twitter now! Talk to us @wcarl820.

-Announcement of the Kane County Hamfest

-Tony did a video presentation on digital mode that covered what radio to get and why you would get it. This discussed the upsides and downsides of DMR, Fusion and D-Star.

-Announcement of the Eclipse that happened the previous weekend for those who were interested.

Tonight’s meeting

We had a great meeting last night. Our attendees were:
KRDR (Rob)

Pre meeting talk included conversations and demonstrations of SDR as well as conceptual designs and implementations around vacuum tube meetings

Main Meeting-
-all positions carry over last year

-Repeater Status
-Report of visit and conversation with EMA on taking over the club repeaters.
-EMA would own/maintain repeaters, WCARC controls
-Move repeater within St. Joes to an RF isolated climate controlled room
-Potential internet connectivity
-Long term potential of site change

-Web Site
-Continued work on web site
-Search engine registration